DB Administrator

Due to continuously growing business demand, our data needs more integration and our databases need continuous monitoring, tuning, updating and performance enhancements. Database Engineer needed in our NASA Cell!!!


So what do we actually expect from you?


  • knowledge of architecture, deployment, configuration and management of relational and/or non-relational databases
  • experience with HA solutions and replication topologies
  • strong diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities, health checks and monitoring
  • knowledge of design backup, restoring and disaster recovery procedures including the implementation phase
  • database upgrades and migrations
  • capacity planning


You are also able to


  • identify tasks, prioritize them, estimate their complexity, implement them and report progress and risks to co-workers and managers
  • work closely with application developers and OPS engineers
  • grow technically, learn quickly
  • automate what needs to be automated
  • communicate complex technical topics even to non-technical co-workers
  • use Ruby/Bash/Python scripting languages
  • work with Linux-based operating systems

What we would very much appreciate or can introduce you to


  • MongoDB
  • Kafka
  • Git versioning system
  • Chef/Puppet/Ansible automation tool
  • AWS
  • Vertica database
  • data integration and stream processing
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