My name is Ivo
we are using buzzwords because we can. Why? Because our DWH actually works.
We are building next gen ELTs for the warehouse of the future while using top-class technologies. And no, ELT is not a "typo".
We have built an environment in which transformations happen faster than Chuck Norris can count. How? Thanks to tools like Vertica and ODI where you can build your own knowledge modules and use the high-throughput of these tools.
Golden Gate is not only a bridge in San Francisco. It is also a replication technology that enables us to stream data to the data warehouse in near real-time. And by "near" we don't mean "almost done", it's seconds. We actually mean what we say.
Bill Inmon and Ralph Kimball would both be happy. We have merged both practices and created a Hybrid Hub and Spoke architecture, thus taking the best of both worlds.
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