My name is Vojta
building an enterprise app with 0.1.0 toolkit is not risky, it's stupid.
Building complex and robust applications with industry standard framework that can scale vertically and horizontally is a must if you want to succeed. That's why it's called Enterprise. We use Spring to build lean, scalable and extensible solutions by not being crazy about using the latest "hyped" technology while we remain open to keeping pace with the latest trends.
The word "microservice" has become a misused term. We are building small, well-functioning reusable components with defined responsibility and interface.
Friendly with anything with a documented API, we understand the language of many tribes :). We are always open to features that make our life easier like Java 8, its streams and lambda support.
Mongo is not the definitive answer for any database problem you are trying to solve. We keep learning and striving to find the optimum balance between requirement and ease of use.
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