My name is Michal
operating a highly redundant banking system from the AWS cloud 24/7/365, we are truly not afraid of heights. You?
With system designed as fully redundant and HA without any SPOF in critical components, security and load balancing covered by Fortinet at all levels and AWS approved design, we believe we are ready for cloud banking of tomorrow.
All our deployments are linked through Jenkins. This enables us to run and monitor all progress of our deployments in realtime and it is easy to use so any role in the company can do the deployment. Even the CTO's dog.
We are using CHEF and all its kitchen gadgets to make our deployment as automated as possible. So when a developer comes and asks us for a new Env, we give the developer a button with the ability to do so.
Development of a digital bank requires a high degree of security and monitoring. With tools like Zabbix and Kibana, firewalls from Fortinet and good infrastructure design, we believe we have what it takes to keep the system up and running with all security measures in place.
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