My name is Ivo
we have built something you have never seen before @ db level.
Most likely you have not seen anything like we have built so close to the data. Backed by Oracle, designed with modular architecture, defined by API and maintained by automated tests and automated deployments. With versioned datamodel and generated dependencies, we are building a bank core of the future.
We always have the latest release prepared. Wrong commits are rolled back from release to fixing. How? By checking code-quality with tools such as Sonar, applying unit tests and integration tests, and testing deployment in specific environments. And all of it is done automatically. So what am I doing all day? Ehm...
We are versioning our modules as well as individual APIs. As the dependencies between modules are well-defined, we do not need to be scared of upgrading no matter how old the application. Why? We have a masterpiece deployment tool which employs the latest findings from graph theory and it always computes the right sequence of deployment.
The truth is in the code. For that reason documentation is also generated from the code. This way we can always ensure that we always produce the truth.
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